All Sun and Games White Sand Foot Scrub


9 oz / 255 g

It’s all sun and games until somebody loses a flip flop! Do dry, cracked feet have you hiding your thirsty toes in the sand? Don’t get sidelined by dry feet this this summer, get back in the games with our new Sun and Games White Sand Foot Scrub. Its juicy mango scent take you to an island paradise where the air is filled with fresh tropical fruit.

Apply this powerful formula dry and then slowly add water to maximize exfoliation. All Sun and Games’ fine grains of white sand and sugar crystals polish your feet to perfection. It’s the perfect summer fling, super pampering, and a little bit rough around the edges. Shore Perfection keeps things soft with plenty of hydrating ingredients.

Ever wondered why your feet and hands are so dry? These parts of your body have no sebum producing sebaceous glands, skin’s natural hydrating mechanism. To combat this All Sun and Games contains nourishing jojoba oil, a liquid wax similar to sebum. It’s a potent moisturizer that easily absorbs into skin. Plum seed oil in our formula contains moisturizing fatty acids while Acai fruit extract provides potent antioxidant power. Our new white sand food scrub may be All Sun and Games, but its filled with serious ingredients ready to give you smooth, flip-flop ready feet.

Sweet, juicy mango and green palm leaves

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