Mango Mambo Body Butter


8 oz / 227 g

Enlist Posh’s expert team of ingredients on the search for perfect moisture. Explore the jungles of South America with this delectable little body butter. It’s time to get out of the States for a while. Mango Mambo is a carefully crafted body butter that contains effective ingredients like beneficial beeswax, moisturizing mango seed butter, and super safflower seed oil. Attain the merciful gift of soft, smooth hands.

Meet the team lead: beeswax. A multi-talented ingredient, beeswax contains moisturizing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant qualities. This little jungle gem won’t clog pores and has the amazing capability of attracting and retaining water! A good source of vitamin A, beeswax reduces itching that is often associated with dry skin.

A thorough scout, mango seed butter finds those dry patches of skin that are ideal when setting up camp. This ingredient provides intense moisture for delicate areas. Mango seed butter nourishes and renews without leaving behind a greasy, oily residue.

The doctor of the excursion, safflower seed oil, aids in treating rashes and acne. This amazing healer facilitates the regeneration of new skin cells, leaving skin looking younger, healthier, and all naturale. The sweet smells of mango transport you further south towards white sandy beaches and emerald green jungles. Add just a hint of pepper to spice things up. Put on some sunscreen and grab your gear—adventure awaits!

Sweet mango, spicy musk, and a pinch of pepper


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